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The research unit CMA-UBI was created to promote high level scientific research in several areas of mathematics, their applications and theoretical physics. The main guidelines of CMA-UBI are the following:

  • Enhance the engagement in national and international networks and partnerships;
  • Develop multidisciplinary research;
  • Promote post-graduate training;
  • Increase public engagement with mathematics and scientific knowledge in the region of Beira Interior.

CMA-UBI is a research unit hosted by Faculty of Sciences of University of Beira Interior, which offers physical facilities, budget management, computing support and institutional framework to the persecution of its activities.

CMA-UBI has two research groups:

 Directive Board

  • Coordinator: Rui Pacheco (
  • Vice-coordinator: António J. G. Bento (
  • Principal researcher of PMMG: Ana Paula Martins (
  • Principal researcher of MG: Helder Vilarinho (





Project: UIDB/00212/2020
Project (Programmatic): UIDP/00212/2020

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